Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Word

It’s one of my favorite things about God.

Even though He’s eternal, and even though He sees the end from the beginning, He’s right here with you in this moment.

We serve a God who is always present. He’s not distant, uncaring or uninvolved, and He’s ready for you to “jump in” and go deeper into the plan He has for your life.

I meet a lot of people who have faith for their future. They truly believe one day God is going to do something great in their lives. Unfortunately, too many of them have difficulty believing their one day — for something supernatural from God — can be today. God loves you and wants to see you “jump in” and go deeper into the plan He has for your life.

In Psalm 118:24–25, David declared, “This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Lord, I pray, send now prosperity” (NKJV). David expected great things from God and wasn’t afraid to ask for them right away. You can do the same.

God wants you to trust Him so much that you’re willing to ask like David did...with expectancy for today. Not in the past, not in the future, but right now in the present.

I know you believe God has done great things. And I know you believe God will do great things. But I ask you, do you believe God is doing great things right

I want you to have an expectation in your heart, an anticipation that something great is going to happen to you today. It’s a “jump in” attitude, one that says I want all you have for me and when you do, every day is filled with possibility and promise.

I encourage you, “Today is your day.” Set aside everything that’s holding you back so you can jump into what God has for you in this hour.

It will take courage, strength and faith to keep this attitude alive in your heart. I assure you that God will provide for you and answer your heart’s desire.

Remember today is your day to receive God’s favor!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello! I'm back!

I know I said I was done with the natural hair blogging, but for some reason it is really therapeutic for me. I have been coming into my dashboard from time to time checking on all of you and seeing what's new in the world of blogging. I also come on to get pointers and ideas when I am in a hair rut. Thank you all for all of the great fashion and hair ideas. This is better than any magazine I subscribe to.

Update - My hair is doing great! I will be getting it straightened soon to get my ends clipped. I have not straightened my hair in 8 months, so I am a little on the reserve about doing it. I am also going to have another professional coloring done (this time with Aveda coloring) because the two-tone hair is bothering me. I swore off color at first because it dried my hair so badly, but since I am graying in the front and I don't think I would be good at the henna process, I think I will give it another try. Aveda is suppose to be more natural and kinder to your hair, so we will see. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and I was so happy I could finally get all of my hair up into a ponytail. It is really cold here, so I will be rockin this for awhile.

I will blog here and there when I have a great product to talk about or some new hair techniques. I am always checking your blogs, so keep the greatness coming.

I love my natural texture and I will never change a thing!

Happy loving the natural you!