Monday, October 12, 2009

My Favorite Things - October 2009

True Religion Gold Joey Jean
Manolo Blahnik Ligaro Hiking Heel

M.A.C Cosmetics DSquared Lipstick in Blood Red
(Red is the new look for fall lips)

J. Crew Leather Bomber Jacket

J. Crew Babble Bracelet

J. Crew Embellished Cardigan

Above are a few items that have made my "favorites" list for October.
If you don't know by now, I am obsessed with J. Crew, cardigans, and sassy boots.
I also love anything fashionable!
I may not purchase each item on my favorites list, but I like to share with you what I think is hot right now!
I feel it is great to add low end pieces and high end pieces together to come up with a perfect, polished look.
I actually own the True Religion Jeans and the M.A.C. Lipstick.
Even though the jeans were a little pricey, the look was totally worth it.
This picture does not do them justice. The emblem on the back is embellished with shiny rhinestone like detailing. Also, I have yet to see anyone else with them on.
I can put them on with a Forever 21 top and look totally "put together"!
I'm not saying it is smart to blow money on things just to be exclusive, but what they heck, all work and no play is no fun!
Also, we must all admit it does feel good to have on something everyone else thinks is hot.
Come on, let's be real!

Happy Fashion!


  1. I'm loving the J.Crew embellished cardigan!!!

  2. It is so cute and it can go with so many things! :)