Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello Ladies! (Above Pic is my dream "do")

I enjoy wearing my hair natural, but the one thing I dread is dealing with tangles when I cleanse my hair. Everyone sheds about 100 hairs a day. I don't comb my hair for days at a time, so when I cleanse, all the hair is tangled in my nest. I am a long term transitioner, so I am dealing with semi-relaxed ends in certain areas of my hair. Because of this, my ends tangle the most. I received a ton of help from curlynikki's sight as well as many other blogs and YouTube tutorials, so I thought I would be of assistance to someone else. I hope this helps someone out there who is dealing with the "tangles".

My routine is to cleanse my hair, whether it is by co-washing or pooing with a poo that does not contain sulfates. I use Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo or HPO Hair & Body Shampoo. I then apply a lot of conditioner to my hair, divide my hair into four sections, then I take my shower. For me, this allows the conditioner to soak in and melt away the tangles. After I have done my business, I proceed to detangle each section with my fingers first, then I use a large, wide-toothed comb. After I have detangled each section, I rinse without using too much friction from my hands, then I gently blot my ends to prevent a lot of drip. Now some sites suggest leaving some conditioner in your hair when you rinse, but I hate having dripping hair all over my back, so I rinse totally, blot my ends, then I apply a quarter size dollop of conditioner to my wet hair and comb through. Presto! No more tangles!
This has helped me so much with my routine and I don't dread cleansing as much. This also works well as long as I do my hair once every 4 to 7 days. If I wait any longer (7 is actually too long) my hair is a tangled mess and requires much longer to detangle.

My favorite conditioners to use for this process are numbered by most favorite and are as follows:

1. Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (my hair loves this stuff)

2. Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship (my hair loves this also - smells great!)
3. Herbal Essence Totally Twisted

4. Aussie Moist

It took some time for my hair to become accustomed to being natural, so be patient. Your curls will learn to behave but they will do them when they are ready. The key is to keep up a routine and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

You can use what works best for you, but the above are my top choices and they are the four that have provided me with the best slip. (Trust-I have tried many) Slip is needed to help melt the tangles away. You also want to stick with a cheaper brand because you use a lot to get the tangles to melt without much manipulation. They are cheap, but they are great on my hair. I always thought cheap products did not work but boy was I wrong!

Happy Detangling!


  1. I hear ya, girl. I've been way to lazy with the detangling routine and now it's starting to show, so I'm committing to it because it makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  2. No problem CurvyGurl! I needed the help and received it, so I thought I would pay it forward. I tweaked my routine to fit my hair texture and I'm sure you will find a technique that will work for you. We must keep the hair healthy!