Thursday, April 22, 2010

Product Review - MoroccanOil Oil Treatment

O.k., I did a review on the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask and now the verdict is in on the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment.

I used it for a month as a hot oil treatment and as a leave in for my twist and braid outs. I really like the smell of this product, but I did not notice much difference in my hair after using this product versus my trusty (and cheaper) coconut or olive oil. Now I must say my hair felt really soft and moist after using it, but it feels that way after using coconut oil and olive oil. It is not as messy to apply as the other two because its consistency is a little bit thicker. Also, I did not have anyone saying I smelled like coconuts either. (I was in J.Crew shopping and a lady commented on how yummy I smelled, but like coconut)
Anyhoo, my verdict is this - I will stick with either coconut or olive oil because it is much cheaper than the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment (over $30) and the coconut and olive oil are all natural. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is not made with pure Argan oil. It is made up of mostly silicones and while this will definitely tame frizz, it is not the best thing for natural hair on a regular basis.
Needless to say, after my bottle is empty, I will not be replacing this one.
As always, my opinion is my opinion and someone else may really like this product. I always believe you should try something for yourself and see how you like it. I'm just here to give you my insights on the "stuff" that's out there.
Chime in and tell me what you think if you have tried this product. I will definitely continue using the mask, but the oil is a bust.
Happy Healthy Hair!!!!!!


  1. Hi, I like your MoroccanOil Product review, it's very insightful.

    I have never tried using Moroccan oil but I am an avid fan of coconut oil. I believe it is the best oil product for hair and you're right, it's cheaper! :)

  2. Thanks for the infor. Do you use anything else with your twists other than coconut oil?

  3. Wow ... my amazingly love MoroccanOil hair products!