Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here's Mitzi - Again!

I thought I would post this again for my natural sistas who may have missed it!
I tried the mixture Mitzi mentioned below and my hair loves it!

Well ladies, here is another natural beauty who has so kindly allowed me to feature her and her natural hair tips for all of my followers. This beautiful lady is extra special to me because she is one of the reasons I decided to go natural. After seeing her hair in Honey Magazine years ago, I said to myself "I wish my hair could look like that". Well, I am on my way and I hope Mitzi's tips can help others achieve a healthy, natural head of hair! Now remember, all natural hair textures are different, but all natural hair textures are beautiful. It's all about embracing your pattern and taking the steps to properly care for it. If you do this, you will have a beautiful head of hair, no matter how you choose to rock it!

Mitzi Miller is an award-winning journalist and the bestselling author of five books, including the wildly popular Scholastic/Point 3- book teen series, Hotlanta. A contributing writer for Essence, Miller also regularly contributes entertainment and relationship stories, as well as biting commentary and first-person pieces to a wide array of magazines, including Elle (U.K.), Uptown, and SET Magazine. Her extensive television experience includes regular appearances on VH1’s humorous list shows, as well as ABC’s top-rated morning show, Good Morning America, and The Food Network.

When not pursuing writing and television opportunities, Miller is a skilled public speaker who has appeared at various forums and seminars nationwide including the 2009 Young Women’s Empowerment Summit at Long Island University; The Freshman Honors Reception at Florida A&M University; and Essence Magazine’s Image of Black Women in Media Panel.

Miller resides in my fave New York City. You can keep up with her daily drama at her personal blog:

Here's Mitzi's routine:
OK, so for the record- I LOVE wearing my hair chemical free!
I made a spontaneous decision to cut off all the perm portions of my hair when I was a sophomore at Florida A&M University in 1995 and have not looked back since. Okay well, maybe once or twice on the days when my hair is giving me major attitude, I see a fabulous weave or it's freezing outside and the 'fro won't fit under a knit hat. But those moments never compare to the sensation of feeling of the natural texture of my own natural curls.
Honestly, I've tried a million products on my hair. But nothing works better than a little leave-in concoction my hairstylist Edris (who I HIGHLY recommend to anyone with natural hair) shared with me a few years back Its a combination of 3/4th natural Aloe gel (you can purchase this in any health food store) and 1/4 olive oil (you can actually use any type of perfumed oil you like, lavender, etc. I choose the olive b/c I prefer little to no fragrance). The oil keeps my curls moisturized while the aloe gel provides a light hold for the curls.

Here's how to 'make' it:

Pour to two ingredients into a container and mix together completely (if the container has a top, you can just shake it vigorously). Saturate your hair completely by running your fingers through small sections of your hair from root to tip. And voila, you're good to go! Depending on the amount of time you have, you can either air dry or use a hairdryer.
This leave-in conditioner is way affordable, easy-to-make and the best part?
No chemicals to dry out or damage the hair!

Much thanks to Mitzi for sharing with us!
Much love to her and the hair is fabulous!
I will definitely be adding this to my summer regimen!

Happy Hair!


  1. I LOVE Mitzi! Since her days at Honey I've been a huge fan. Her writing always puts a smile on my face & she's a natural inspiration for a lot of young black females;-)

    That leave-in sounds good! Might try that this coming week

  2. I know right! I was a Honey Magazine subscriber and I looked forward to her funny, yet informative articles. I felt honored she agreed to let me feature her. She rocks!

  3. Love it! Ya'll make me want to go au naturale!!!!!!