Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moisture Anyone?

I don't know what is going on, but my moisturizer is not working for me anymore. I started off using Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizer, but after about 15 years, my skin no longer responded. (It had a long run though!)
I then began using Kiehl's Ultra Facial moisturizer and I thought I had found a winner, but now my skin is rejecting it as well. I went to see a dermatologist and she suggested I use Cetaphil. I liked the cleanser, but the moisturizer is too heavy.

I only have this problem in the winter, but I need help because my skin looks like a rough patch of concrete and that is not sexy. I have resorted to adding a little bit of Vaseline to my moisturizer to help it along, but I end up looking like a greasy faced 2 year old. I am in search of the right balance. I need something that will provide moisture without making my face too shiny.

I don't want to search out a new moisturizer and waste tons of money trying different ones, so can anyone help me with some suggestions to narrow down my search and lead me in the right direction. I have combination skin in the summer, but in the winter I am totally a dry skin gal.

Thanks for any help!

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