Monday, November 2, 2009

Today's Scripture

Take Hold of the Dream

"…despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us."(Romans 8:37, NLT)

Many people struggle with letting go of past hurts and failures. They get caught up in how unfair their situation is. And the whole time, their dreams are lying dormant and unfulfilled. It's time to realize that in order for a new door to open, you must let old ones close behind you. Maybe you got off to a rough start in life. You may have had more than your share of setbacks. Let me encourage you. It's not how you start but how you finish that counts.
It may seem like your dreams have died, but God can bring them back to life. Your future is not determined by your past. But holding on to the past will keep you from moving forward. God has already given you the victory. He wants you to take hold of the dreams He's given you. He will see to it that they come to pass as you obey Him and give Him your whole heart.
You can go beyond where you are today. Your best days are not behind you, they are in front of you. Shake off past discouragements, and take a step toward your dreams. Choose today to stop looking back, and fix your eyes forward on the new beginning God has for you.


"Father in Heaven, today I choose to let go of the things of my past. I realize that despite circumstances, I have the victory through Christ. I ask you to show me any dreams that are lying dormant, and bring them back to life in new ways. In Jesus' Name. Amen"

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