Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot Teez!

If you are looking for some great t-shirts to show off your natural beauty, you must visit my friend Dymesha at Trendy Teez. I highlighted her creations on an earlier blog and I must say I receive so many compliments on the tees when I wear them. I have both the Afro Diva Tank and Tee in black. The beading and design is fabulous!

Here is another beautiful addition to her collection and I must say, not only are they classy, original, great quality and fly, they are also very affordable. They wash very well and hold their shape too. I love t-shirts and usually, it is very hard to find tees that represent who I am and are quality pieces as well. And don't think they are only for summer. You can rock her tees with a blazer or casual jacket, some jeans and a pair of fly boots. You can also pair them under a suit for a differnet kind of fly flavor. I did that with an Obama t-shirt and it rocked.

If you are like me and love to be original, try out Trendy Teez at

You will love the product, trust me!


  1. Hello I was searching on google "diva t shirts" and your blog appeared...I love this tee I have to have one...and thanks to google I will be a viewer to your blog as well...thanks

  2. Great! Thank you for following my blog and I hope I don't disappoint you! Yes, the tees are great! Let me know which one you purchase. :)