Monday, September 28, 2009

White After Labor Day - A Fashion Do!

I am not usually one to wear white after Labor Day, but times have changed. When I was younger, you would get clowned for wearing white after the summer was considered over, but with a little imagination and fashion sense, white can be carried well into the winter months. Just remember, heavier fabrics still rule so leave the linen pants in the closet.

Here are some tips from LimeLife*:
* Wear white pants with a nice sturdy boot and a dark-colored blazer or sweater for the perfect autumn look.
* Again - Just make sure those white pants aren't linen. Linen pants should not be worn after summer, no matter their color.
* Wear a pretty white coat, but make sure you pair it with a pair of darker pants and darker accessories (hat, gloves, shoes, etc.).
* Wear white accessories like winter hats, gloves, and scarves with a darker jacket.

Please stay away from white shoes! I know the first pic shows them, but that is the runway. Boots are o.k, but for me, white pumps and flats are a fashion don't whatever the season!
Happy Fashion!

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