Friday, September 25, 2009

My Resale Store Finds

Vintage Christian Dior Cashmere Swing Coat
Back View

J. Crew Wool Blazer

J. Crew Wool Blazer

Cache Beaded Skirt

Beaded Detail Up Close

Grey Wool Skirt w/Bow Detail

For those of you who love to look fashionable but you have to watch your spending, there is a way to snag designer duds at Target prices. Resale shops have long been a fashionista's favorite, but I recently became re-acquainted with one in my hometown.

I found these great pieces at a resale shop in Clayton, Mo. called the Scholarshop. All of the proceeds from sales at this shop benefit college students by awarding them with large scholarships. I felt great that not only did I get some goodies, but I contributed to the education of another.

It is also good to go to shops that are located in the more affluent areas because the selection will be more lucrative. I believe this is because people with money shop more, therefore they have more to give away. Also, a person with money usually won't think twice about giving away an item because they can always buy another. And usually, those items will be designer or very fashionable (hopefully). The J.Crew Blazers retail at$238, but I purchased both for $40. They are in great condition! As a matter of fact, they don't even look like anyone has worn them. I'll take them.

I also snagged a Christian Dior Cashmere Coat that retails for about $3,ooo. I purchased this vintage design for only $40. It looked like new also. The only thing-a button was missing, but I will have my tailor fix that small problem for about $2.

The beaded skirt is by Cache and I was told by an associate of the store that the skirt retailed for $190 back in 2007. I purchased mine for $20.00.

And last, but not least, the little grey skirt was $15.00. It did not have a tag in it to show who it is by, but the design was cute and it looked good on me. I will pair it with a nice off the shoulder sweater, some grey tights and a pair of cute boots (long or bootie).

For all of the items pictured, I spent a total of $115. If I would have purchased these items retail I would have spent somewhere around $4,000.

So I saved $3, 885!

Now that's what I call bargain shopping!

Happy Resale Shopping!


  1. I love this place!!!!!! I buy really good stuff from here all the time. I also donate things and at the end of the year I'm able to use the donations on my taxes. ella

  2. OMG!! I love it! A Chistian Dior Cashmere coat for $4o?? Amazing! This is what I call bargain shopping and plus the proceeds help college students. A total WIN WIN!

  3. Damn, girl! Can I hire you to find me some goodies?

  4. I know! I will definitely stop by this place first before shelling out my money elsewhere.

  5. ok i am mad- when i was home we didnt go! but since you graduated we have time. loves yah