Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Feeling........Fall Fashion

I am definitely a summer person, but I can't avoid the inevitable - fall is around the corner.

Since I love fashion, I start accepting the transition by eyeing my must have fashions for fall. Right now I am definitely feeling the military jacket style. Even though this style hit the runway last season, I am the type of person who likes to rock a style while it is not as popular to avoid looking like everyone else. This jacket is available at and it is only $69. That is not bad for a stylish, heavyweight piece. And if you are wondering what use you can get out of it let me give you some ideas:

  1. Rock it with some knee length boots in either black or tan and some skinny jeans or leggings(black leggings only - please) tucked in for a great day or night look.
  2. Pull it on with a white tee (keep the jacket open) and some black leggings and a black ankle bootie.
  3. Dress up a pair of fitted sweatpants and sneakers.

And for the thrifty sistas, there are even less expensive versions available if the jacket is your taste, but the price is not. There are two versions sold in Target and they are only $19-$24.

Whatever you decide to do, this is a great change up for any fashionable fall/winter wardrobe. I believe it is always wise to add pieces to your wardrobe that are funky and fun.

I don't like cold weather, but I love cold fashion!

Happy Fashion!

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  1. hot jacket - i'll rock it with skinny
    jeans and boots.