Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Talk Fashion

Enough about hair for now.

Let's talk about my other favorite subject - Fashion! I love everything fashionable from clothing to television shows. Right now I am really feeling a certain shoe, but the price is not feeling me. It is the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi (No, I can't pronounce it but I sure could wear the heck out of it). It also comes in a steel grey w/suede straps (which is really the one I want, but I can't cut and paste the picture off the website)
Go to to see the grey bootie and you will know why I am having a Jones fit for it.
These shoes just bring out the sexy!

The price is about $1200 and I can't seriously think about buying them. The price is way too high for me to justify the indulgence. A purse, maybe because I can carry a purse forever if I take care of it. A shoe, I think not because we all know what can happen to a shoe when you wear it (heel stuck in crack - someone steps on shoe in club - shoe gets scratched - etc.)

They have sites that offer knockoffs, but that just isn't my style (anymore). I will definitely be watching Saks to see if they ever go on sale. I would pay no more than $400 for them if that was the lowest they went down to. Tell me what you think and let me know what fashion must-have is tickling your nose and wallet right now but you just won't budge.


A friend told me about a website that carries all of the hot fashions for much less. If you are a savvy (sometimes) shopper like me, then this is the site to check out. It is and it is fabulous.

It is on the up & up because I purchased a pair of Rock & Republic Jeans and they are great and I had no problems with shipping or quality.

Happy Shopping!


  1. $400 for a pair of shoes??!?!?~? WOw! That is.......something. What is the name of the company you own? I mean you must be sitting on a lot of money in order to pay that much for a pair if shoes that look like you would honestly only wear once, or are you one of those people who really don't have any money cause you spend it all trying to look like you do. And for the record in my mind real money would mean you have at least $200,000 sitting in an investment portfolio or something.Just tell me you are not another lost victim of materialism making all of these companies rich while our people continue to own nothing.

  2. You are right! But first, I would probably wear them more than once and I don't question how others spend their hard, earned money so I don't expect others to count mine. Thank you for the comment though and I will definitely take what you said into consideration the next time I decide to spend my hard, earned money on a pair of $400 shoes.

  3. Also, there are a lot of people who had $200,000 in an investment portfolio and now they have nothing because of the downfall of the economy. Sometimes, it is best to see were your money went and many are left wondering what happened. I'm not saying it is wise to blow money on material things, but I believe it is better to see where your money went or is going. We can't take it with us! Also, we all have vices and mine are shoes. Trust me, I am not lost.