Friday, July 24, 2009

Topic for the day!

Sew-In Weave (Then)

Now - Natural Hair Rod Set

Hi ladies! Embracing your natural hair texture has become a great thing to do and has been welcomed by many. Once considered a thing of the past, women are now returning to their roots to discover a lifestyle free from harmful chemicals and damaging processes. The many blogs, fotkis, and websites that are specific to the natural hair journey is just one implication that this is not just a phase, a following or a cult, but it has become a liberating experience for many black women and it is a true example of individual self expression and finally a show of self love for our natural black beauty. A guy at the gas station was pumping his gas next to me and he thanked me for having natural beauty. He stated he is so tired of women looking like each other with the fake hair, fake nails and fake eyelashes. He also stated he wish more women would just sport their natural "do" because it is much more sexy and shows total confidence. Now don't get me wrong, I used to be a weave wearer when I first decided to go natural. I thought I needed to "hide" my new growth. My boyfriend hated it and I truly felt self conscious that everyone could tell it was fake. I now love my new growth and I just let it be. When I do the "big chop" I will be even more liberated because I will say "goodbye" to the every week rod set.

Dymesha of Trendy Teez posed a question to me yesterday regarding natural hair. She stated that the majority of her customers are from the south and east coast. Her question was "Do the east coast and southern ladies embrace their natural hair more that the west coast ladies?" This is a very good question. Ladies, please chime in!

Also, if you are a natural sista, but you are sporting a weave, please let me know why you won't let it go. I am a Sociology major and I am always curious on why people do what they do. I stated my reasons, now tell me yours.

Happy Hair!

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