Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My first product review

Well hello natural sistas! I have a product review for today. I purchased a kit from Miss Jessies and I am going to try them all out and give you my personal opinion on the products. This is a great website and a great product for women with natural hair. Not only are the products designed by women with natural hair, they also smell divine and make your hair so manageable. My stylist highly recommends this product and she also uses and sells it in her salon (Marie @ Shi Salon - Myspace/Shi Salon)

The first two products are the Curly Pudding & Baby Buttercreme by the Miss Jessies line. I first co-washed my hair with my cheapie conditioner Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (Blue Bottle) (My Favorite). Washing the hair with conditioner versus shampoo is much better for the hair and it helps with detangling. You may wash with a shampoo if you like, but make sure to use one that is sulfite free so it won't strip the hair of its natural oils. I leave a lot of the conditioner in my hair to help with tangles and combed through it with my fingers, then a big toothed comb. Some people use the denman brush to de-tangle, but I found it to pull on my hair way too much. I then take a towel and blot my hair to remove the drips (I can't stand water dripping down my face and neck while I'm styling). I then proceed with styling. If you have wash and wear hair, you can apply a generous amount of this product to your hair, twist in sections, then let it air dry or sit under a dryer. Once dry, untwist and mosturize and you will have a head full of bouncy, shiny, curls that smell god enough to eat. If you are like me and you still have relaxer on the very ends ( I am transitioning from relaxer to natural and I get my relaxed ends trimmed every four months until all of the relaxer is gone. This way I keep length without the bc) then you can apply curly pudding to small sections and roll on rods (the ones used for jerry curls back in the day) throughout the hair. I use the meduim ones in the front and small rods in the back. I have chin length hair (when straightened) and they work well for me and give me a bobbed look. If you would like a more tight curl to do a mohawk look or if you have shorter hair, the small rods (not the tiny ones) will work great for you. Buy a set of them all and use different ones throughout your hair to see which curl pattern you like best. They are really inexpensive and they give a really tight curl. Do not part hair because this will cause parts after you have dried. Once the hair is dry, unroll and apply the curly baby buttercreme for moisture, finger style or pick out and go!
I will wash my hair tomorrow and I will post pictures of each stage to help. I did this style for months during my in-between stage and it really helped me. I usually only used mousse and conditioner as my setting lotion, but I heard this stuff is has a great hold which is what I was missing. This style usually last me a week if I don't work out. If I work out, then it last about 3 days. It's great for humid weather because the more I sweat in my head, the curlier it gets. The only problem is when I work out, I shower at the gym and my hair gets frizzy. I am on a mission to find a product that helps with frizz after your hair is days old. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share. Happy Hair!

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