Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hair Update!

Hello ladies! Here are some pics of my progress during my affair of hair.
1st pic - August 10th, 2009
All other pics - December 9th, 2009
I saw my fabulous stylist, Marie Simone of Shi Salon, and she gave me my quarterly snip. I know some naturals don't believe in trimming the ends on a regular basis, but I have a routine where I get mine trimmed every four months. I do this to ward off split ends and to see how my hair is doing. I can only tell how my hair is doing when it is straightened and since I cannot do this myself(and I will never try), I have to visit the salon. I had about an inch cut off because I am trying to remove all relaxer off my ends. My hair has grown so much since my last visit(August 2009). I was surprised to see the growth and I am glad to know I did not have any breakage.
I will give another update in April.
Happy Growing!


  1. I'm with curvy girl. Your hair looks very healthy.

  2. Dymesha, thank you and Amen to the scripture comment! :) Happy New Year to both of you! :)

  3. I agree with the ladies, your hair IS healthy and I love its shine and volume!!

  4. Beautiful hair! I thought about growin' my relaxer out. Still deciding. Happy New Year!!

  5. I have not charted the moon's position very far into the new year but according to the almanac, April 15 & 16 and 26 & 27.

    According to my family, it is always best to cut your hair when the moon is "growing" or in the cresent stage up to the full moon. I s'pose "growing" indicates "growth" just as you would inhibit growth by cutting on the dark side of the moon. The period after the full moon. Hey, I'm no expert but I do have some hair left! LOL!

  6. Thanks Creative Lady! I will mark my calendar and schedule accordingly. :)