Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Product Review - Skechers Shape Ups

OK ladies! If you are anything like me, you are usually leary of claims that this or that will help tone your legs. Well, I can tell you the claims these shoes make are true. I own a pair of MBT shoes which are a more expensive brand of the same shoe. I purchased them five years ago at the suggestion of my physical therapist after I injured my knee bike riding. I tore some cartilage after riding for 30 miles after I walked in a Prostate Cancer walk which was 5 miles. (I had lost my mind that day) Well, the MBT shoe worked wonders. My knee felt great after I wore them for about two weeks straight and now I wear them when I feel a twinge in my knee and I am usually all better after a few days. They also work the heck out of my butt and legs. I think it is because they are so heavy, but the claim is that the way they are engineered make you walk upright, therefore forcing you to use your lower body more to sustain you.
This new shoe by Skechers makes all of the same claims, but they are $125 cheaper.
MBT brands are still available, but the Skecher brand feel great and they work your butt and legs too. I needed a new pair and decided to try these. I don't know if anyone was planning on trying them, but I can tell you they are worth it. Your back, butt, and legs will thank you.
Try wearing them shopping and you will get a workout in while getting your shop on too!
They look really cute on your feet too!
Happy Toning!


  1. I was wondering about those shoes. I never work out but I need to tone up the back side and my legs and was thinking I could cheat by purchasing the shoes.

  2. Thanks for this fabulous review! These sneakers are getting so popular and they're being mentioned everywhere! But, it's hard to tell which claims are true. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Linda for Ouidad

  3. Linda, I hope they work for you! I am glad to help! :)