Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Conditioning Treatments

I thought it would be a great idea to share conditioning routines. I have run into a lot of sistas who are baffled at how to manage their natural hair and keep it soft and tamed. I was once one of them and curlynikki's sight helped me, so I hope this will help someone else.

My routine is as follows:

1. I co-wash once a week with either Herbal Essence Hello Hydration or Totally Twisted, Garnier Fructis, or Pantene Nature Fusion conditioners. (I do not use shampoo at home because I still see my stylist once/twice a month and she uses a non-sulfate shampoo - I am looking for a clarifying shampoo though to remove the buildup from co-washing) I run my fingers through my hair to remove tangles, then I use a wide toothed comb to distribute the conditioner.

(Use a lot of conditioner and water)

2. After I rinse thoroughly, I apply Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie and Aveda's Dry Hair Remedy Hair Mask (both) and I don a plastic cap for about two to three hours.

3. I rinse, then apply a little Mixed Chicks conditioner or a little Hello Hydration to my hair and I rod set or twist. (I am now using either the Cantu Shea Butter or Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey on my ends before roding or twisting.)

This gives me soft but manageable hair for one week and combats breakage at the new growth line!

This may not work for everyone, but I am sure it will help someone.

Please share your routine! I am always looking for new ideas!
Also, if you are not natural but have a great routine, still share because a great routine will work for any hair texture as long as it moisturizes.

Happy Hair!

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