Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do You!

Do You!
Love the beautiful skin you are in - Do You!
Take care of the body God blessed you to begin - Do You!
Frowns make wrinkles so Love, Live & Laugh- Do You!
Stress makes a mess so take a hot, bubble bath- Do You!
Take time for yourself always and pamper, pamper, pamper - Do You!
Remove negative people who like to put a damper - Do You!
Love your natural state and never make excuses - Do You!
Don't indulge in obvious abuses - Do You!
Love God and yourself and everything else will fall into place - Do You!
Slow down, live, remember this is not a race!
If you are always doing you, you will never have any regrets.
Like I have said before, there are no do-overs in life.
Be the best you can be and always strive for happiness within - It starts with you!
PS-Men find it real sexy when you do you!
They don't really want it to be all about them all of the time, even though we are led to believe that. Most men find a simple sexiness in a woman who is confident and takes care of herself.
(Even though you are doing it for yourself, it's nice to be appreciated by the opposite sex :) )


  1. Awesome words to live by! Thank you for following my site; I appreciate it.

    Happy Blogging!