Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Boots

Another item on my list. This is the J.Crew Nottingham Tall Boot and it is around $300.

At least this one more affordable than the Fendi Mary Jane.(But that shoe is fierce)

Why the heck are boots so darn expensive now?

I feel boots are worth a splurge because for me, they have to be good quality. Usually, the better quality means more expensive. I am hard on shoes so a cheaply made one will not last through the winter!

In the fall and winter, I am a boot fiend. When I lived in L.A., I wore boots in the summer.

Right now I own 16 pair and I am still adding to the collection. Some of them I have had for over 10 years (hence the need to buy better quality - worth the money because they last longer thus saving me money and saving me from the need to buy boots every year).

This boot is a great color because you can rock it with anything. Throw them on with Jeans, a short skirt or a little dress and a hat and finish the look with a big, bad bag of the same color or in the same color scheme (contrast is good), and you are hot! My honey loves when I rock dresses with boots. He says it it so sexy, but understated at the same time. Go figure!

I love boots and it is the only thing about winter I look forward to.

What is your favorite winter wardrobe item?

Happy Fashion!


  1. I see I have a partner in crime for shoes and boots! Boots are great because like you said, "You can rock it with anything!" Boots with skirts are my favorite!

  2. Yeah! You are right, skirts are the best. Also, if a person does not have great legs, boots make everyone's legs look great!