Sunday, August 2, 2009

Product Review

It's Sunday and that means it is "co-wash" day. I have not combed my hair since last Friday (see the pics under my stylist review). I was dreading the tangled mess I would have to face but to my surprise, there was nothing but curly love going on. When you see my hair in some pics, it is not as curly as it is when I first co-wash, but today was a dream. I cut a lot of my ends and my curl pattern is becoming much more pronounced. Well, today I want to tell you my thoughts on the Mixed Chicks line. For me, it is great while my hair is wet! I am experimenting to see what my hair does once it dries.
I co-washed with Hello Hydration then I left much of it in my hair and added the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioning Treatment. I left it on for about 1 hour while I made breakfast and watched a little golf with my future husband (Go Tiger - He won the Buick Tournament today).
After I rinsed (I rinsed completely this time), I added Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner to my, separated and twisted my hair into about 15 twist, coated the ends with shea butter and I let it air dry. I am still in the drying process so I will show pics of the results tomorrow because I am at my sweethearts home at I did not bring my camera. This is my first time trying this so wish me luck. Even if it turns out to be a complete mess, I will let you know.
Next time I am going to try this product and just wash and go! I love experimenting with my hair!
Happy Hair!


  1. Thank you for the review! Where can I find this product?

  2. It really works great for wash and go styles. If you are in the St. Louis area, you can find it at Shi Salon. If not, you can find it at

    I hope it works for you! It is worth the price. Check out their site for great styling ideas also.

  3. Oops, that is Sorry!

  4. Cool review! I'm trying to bring my cowashing down to once a week too!