Monday, August 3, 2009

Results from Mixed Chicks Leave-In

Twist out w/o rollers (bobby pins in front instead of headband)

Before co-wash - 1 week old rod set

Well, I rocked my "transition fro" to work today and it was fun. I work in a corporate office and I wore my fro with much pride. Check out the pics!

The Mixed Chicks leave-in made my hair much softer than the Miss Jessie Curly Pudding, but the Miss Jessie has a better hold for this humidity. I will definitely continue to use both the Mixed Chicks leave-in and the Miss Jessie Curly Pudding. Maybe next time I will use both products together and see what results I get.

As I am looking at my pictures, I realize I really need to do the "big chop" but I am so scared. I have read other blogs of people who never did the bc and they just transitioned until the relaxer totally grew out, but I feel I am missing out on such a wonderful experience because I am holding on to those "wicked" ends. My ends are doing my "fro" such an injustice. Well, until I get the courage, I will stick it out. I was planning on doing the bc in December, but now I am getting cold feet.
Like I said before, I really do have a big head! (ha ha)
We will see.

If there are any long-term transitioners out there who never bc'd, please help me out with some tips to make this transition smoother.

Also, if you have a fro you enjoying rockin please send me a pic and I will feature it on my site!

Afro Divas Represent - Even the Transition Fro Divas like myself!

Happy Hair!

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